The Pritikin Diet in All of Its Glory

The Pritikin diet encompasses a lot of typical dieting routines such as exercise, low fat foods, and doing stress-reduction activities. However this diet is aimed at lowering cholesterol and helping diabetics buffer sugar levels without taking insulin. Weight loss was not the original main goal of this diet, but it is a bonus.

Pritikin Diet

Most of the Pritikin diet focuses on eating very low fat (10% of overall calories) foods that aren’t calorie dense. The principle behind the diet is if people can eat foods with fewer calories per pound, they can load up on these foods and still lose weight.

Many dieting plans focus mostly on exercise and low amounts of any food. There is some difficulty following these plans, because of the constant cravings for subsistence. Very intense-workouts often require a lot of calories and with it a desire for tasty and fulfilling foods.

However, once athletes begin to eat, it is very hard for them to stop and they usually end up eating a lot more than they need. In addition, exercise gurus usually consume very calorie dense foods such as cakes and muffins. These foods are not “big” enough to satisfy them, yet they process enough calories to last the athlete dieters an entire meal.

The Pritikin theory of eating lower density foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and grains is now slowly finding its way onto many dieting plans. Initially, it gives people trouble, because these foods are not as pleasing. However, people will gradually get more used to it, especially when they see the results.

Furthermore, many dieters have also incorporated the idea of stress-reduction in losing weight and keeping a healthy profile. Starting a basic curriculum of Yoga and meditation greatly enhances relaxation. The common complaint to this approach is how to find the time to practice these activities.

Veterans in the arena of stress-reduction dieting have found that the more confident and calm they are, the better they performs. When a person performs better, it takes less time for him to complete his work. In essence the more yoga one does, the more work he can complete, and that leads to more free time.

The Pritikin concepts of less stress and lower density foods have really helped many people get over the rough obstacles of dieting.

Although it will initially take some will power and time, these dieting activities will ultimately satisfy the dieter due to an obvious decrease in weight and overall wellbeing. Individuals seeking to lose weight or just stay healthy should take ideas from different plans and create their own dieting plans that fit their schedules and bodies.

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