How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days! You Can Do It! Here’s How

I know there’s lots of information out there about losing weight and these miracle diets that you see on newsstands and on TV. Well I thought I would put myself to the test and see if I could lose 10 pounds in 10 days. In the following paragraphs You will see what I did to achieve my goal of 10 pounds in 10 days.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days

Well actually that’s not 100% true; I only lost 8 pounds over 10 days, but as you can see it’s still pretty good.

First let me give you some background information about me. I sit behind a desk all day long. I don’t walk around very much and I don’t have a strenuous job. I pretty much sit down all of the time, unless I’m going to lunch, getting a drink or running to the bathroom.

I don’t get a lot of exercise during the day. I figured I would need to exercise to lose the pounds, but I wanted to start with the easiest thing first; change the way I eat. I then was going to start to do more cardiovascular exercising like walking and slow jogging. Keep in mind, I only had 10 days, which isn’t enough time to start a full workout program.

I normally was eating three square meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started breaking my meals in half and adding in three snacks. Throughout the entire day I would be eating six different times. As you can see a lot of what I do is portion control.

oatmeal and fruit

For breakfast I would eat oatmeal and fruit.

A few hours later I would have a snack that would be either more fruit, vegetables, or some type of raw nuts.

I would then have lunch, which would consist of some type of meat, preferably lean meat, and more vegetables.

I would try to stay away from as much beef as possible, but I love beef, so I would allow myself to have one serving each day.

One thing I did do at lunch was make sure I didn’t eat any bread. After lunch I would have my afternoon snack which would consist of popcorn, or a couple rice cakes, or a banana. This was to keep me from feeling so hungry. By the time I got to dinner I’d stayed away from a lot of junk and I didn’t want to break the cycle now.

I would try to eat well and continue that into the night. You have to remember that I still have one more snack after dinner. On most nights I would eat either chicken or fish and vegetables. If this wasn’t enough and I was still feeling hungry I would add one piece of bread but nothing else.

For my final snack after dinner, I normally ate an apple or an orange. With this last snack I would usually drink 4 ounces of water and squeeze the juice of one full lemon into that water. The menu wasn’t very exciting, but I had to lose weight in a short amount of time.

Another thing I did was drink lots of water and I would change that between cold water and warm water. If I did drink something that was warm, like tea or coffee, I would make sure it was with no milk or sugar to sweeten it. I would use honey and lemon instead.

I’m not the type that wanted to go to a gym or have to do too much so I decided to start walking. But there was a trick to the way I walked. I would put on extra layers of clothing, like a sweatshirt or jacket to keep me over-heated, and I would walk at a speed that would not allow me to talk because I was breathing too hard.

The distance I was walking each day was one mile for the first five days, which was not easy in the beginning, and one and a half miles for the last five days. Once again this was not easy, but was very necessary to reach my goal. If you have more time you can get better results than I did and hit the 10 pound mark by adding a couple of extra days.

This is how I lost eight pounds in ten days.

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